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Ten years ago the Seattle neighborhood of South Lake Union was full of printing studios, furniture showrooms and various offices that didn’t need a lot of space. But within the past few years, one major tech company — Amazon — has taken a special interest in the once dilapidated area.

In the coming months, South Lake Union will add yet another development to its list of sleek new high-rises and sprawling glass structured buildings. Greystar and The Justen Company have proposed a joint development deal for five separate parcels on 425 Fairview Avenue North, located in the center of Amazon’s main campus.

Greystar purchased the west end of the block in 2013 for $21.9 million, but it has since remained one of the last standing structures in South Lake Union that isn’t a high-rise. However, city records do state that Greystar does not yet own the eastern block, which is where most of construction is scheduled to take place.

The 24-story tower and seven-story mid-rise will be home to 715 apartment units while still leaving room for 10,000 square feet of retail opportunities. The other adjoining structure will provide up to 530 parking spots.

Architect Weber Thompson has created the overall planning that was taken into a vote on Wednesday night. The comprehensive plan can be read in full here. The document goes into specific details regarding landscape choices, shadow studies and proposed city views from every direction.

Between Amazon’s amazing hiring rate and the quick commutes to downtown, the growth of South Lake Union is not expected to slow down anytime soon.

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