in-law units SF Photo: Nova Punongbayan

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), also known as as in-law units, were approved by the Board of Supervisors office last night on the first round of votes impacting City districts 3 and 8.

Supervisors Scott Wiener and Julie Christensen proposed the legislation that permits construction of ADUs to existing buildings. In April of this year, similar legislation was approved specifically for the Castro area.

This legislation was created in an effort to address the high demand for affordable housing that is unsubsidized in San Francisco. These units are permitted in “green” areas that are dense and close to transit and walkable communities close to neighborhood shopping. Approved units may be added to existing buildings while preserving the character of the neighborhood.

These units will be monitored by the Planning Department for short term rental use. The second and final approval is scheduled for September 8th. According to the Board of Supervisor office, it is unlikely that the Supervisors will change their votes.

There is some trailing legislation related to ADUs, that will be reviewed by the Planning Department, including the ban on fractional ownership of ADUs.

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