Nothing increases productivity like beautiful design, amiright?

This loft workspace with a library and 20-foot windows.

home office loft Photo: imgur

This backyard office pod with a massive skylight.

home office backyard home office backyard 2 Photos: Platform 5

More info and images here.

This gorgeous study with an equally gorgeous view.

home office view Photo: imgur

And this one with a retractable roof.

office retractable roof Photo: imgur

Or this rooftop office with a retractable window wall.

rooftop office Photos: BWArchitects

Part of an historic Greenwich Village townhome, the window wall is controlled by an industrial hand crank.

This space-saving office built into an unused closet.

closet office Photo: simplicityinthesouth

This colorful and inspiring workstation.

colorful home office Photo: imgur

And this rugged one.

home office industrious Photo: imgur

This office with an overhead circular library.

office circular library Photo: imgur

This computer/living room separated by a moving wall.

home office movable wall Photo: imgur

This outdoor office nook.

outdoor office nook Photo: Fernanda Marques

Part of Fernanda Marques’ Loft 24/7, More info and images this way.

This minimalist office.

minimalist home office Photo: imgur

This cozy workspace in an attic apartment.

attic office Photo: imgur

And this workshop under the stairs.

under the stairs office Photo: imgur

This office in a converted garage.

garage office Photo: imgur

This exposed study with an ocean view and an infinity pool.

office ocean view Photo: Rolf Ockert Design

In Sydney, Australia’s Bronte House by Rolf Ockert Design.

And finally, this office with a suspended bed and stairs that lead to a rooftop garden.

home office with a suspended bed Photo: jjlocations

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