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Suspended some 400 feet above Peru’s Sacred Valley are three so-called Skylodges, glass and steel hotel pods that boast full-size beds, down pillows, catered meals and, depending on how you feel about heights, stunning/terrifying views.

cliff hotel

Adventurous vacationers access the pods by ascending the cliff face via a network or rock climbing routes or ziplines.

Once at the suspended camp, visitors enjoy the view from wooden platforms that sit on top of each pod while the guide/personal chef prepares dinner and serves up a choice of wine or beer.

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The pods can hold up to four climbers and measure 24 feet in length and eight feet in width and height. Each unit has two single beds, a double bed and a somewhat private bathroom.

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A night will cost you around $290 USD, and that includes dinner, breakfast and a nerve-calming alcoholic beverage. Go ahead and book your stay here.

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