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​A new app developed by the City of Seattle’s Department of Development and Planning has mapped all active development projects in the city, allowing users to view building designs and leave comments on projects.

Unveiled by the City last Tuesday, Shaping Seattle can be accessed on both mobile and desktop and shares information on project timelines with a step by step, interactive guide to when deadlines are expected to be met.

Users can view and download multiple proposals for each project, meaning Seattleites will no longer have to sift through various city websites to track down documents they need.

ShapingSeattle Image: Shaping Seattle

The commenting system available on each project is expected to aid in the City’s ongoing efforts to provide transparency for development happening in Seattle.

With new development booming, the need for detailed information is in high demand.

A report published last week by the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) revealed that there are more active development projects happening now in downtown Seattle than any other time since tracking began in 2005.

While this app is a new venture for the City, Shaping Seattle is not the first site to use a map to track new development happening across Seattle.

Seattle in Progress, an application developed by former Facebook software engineer Ethan Phelps-Goodman, was launched last fall with the aim of mapping all planned building across the city and getting more residents engaged with the design review process. Although Seattle in Progress will continue to provide information on new city projects, Geekwire reports that Phelps-Goodman is flattered that the City “has chosen to model their new site after Seattle in Progress.”

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