catalog It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The 2016 IKEA catalog has arrived in our mailbox and we’ve been busy earmarking all of its 328 pages. The theme of this year’s catalogue is “Little Things Matter,” with a focus on everyday life in and around the kitchen. The world’s largest furniture retailer and vendor of delicious meatballs (now with gluten-free, vegan options) will launch 21 new collections over the course of the year.

Highlights from the issue include a collaboration with London-based designer Ilse Crawford, low-cost urban gardening tools and furniture with built-in wireless charging spots. If browsing through the catalog gives you flashbacks to a fight with your significant other in the bedding and linens section of IKEA, fear not — we’ve rounded up 10 must-have items from the 2016 edition. Oh, and to avoid future meltdowns, we suggest making an online shopping list.

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1. Placemat, $2

ikea placemat-compressed The “logged out” placemat has become the most buzzed-about product in the catalogue. The slip pocket is large enough to conceal your smartphone and yet translucent enough to notify you of a new Tinder match. The Sittning tableware line will be released in September.

2. Dressing table, $100

brem dressing table The Brimnes dressing table has a built-in mirror with hidden storage space. It’s perfect for keeping makeup and jewelry organized and out of the way.

3. Chandelier, $80 alvsbyn-chandelier-compressed The Älvsbyn LED chandelier is part sculpture, part light source. The tubes emit a warm, white color that will add ambiance to any room of the house.

4. Cart, $40

cart Building off the success of the Råskog utility cart (an IKEA cult favorite) is its Sprutt counterpart — a white, three tiered cart with a flat tabletop, basket storage and a set of wheels.

5. Cabinet, $90

sprutt collection-compressed The Sprutt cabinet with drawers looks like a library card catalog for the 21st century. Its white exterior is fresh and modern, while the brightly coloured labels give it some character.

6. Table, $90

table-compressed Tables are expensive — this one is not. The Backaryd/Rydebäck table is made from fibreboard, which means it’s lightweight and easier on the environment. If orange is too bold for your taste, it’s also available in black.

7. Greenhouses, $10

greenhouses You don’t need a green thumb to appreciate how adorable these Vindruva miniature greenhouses are. The plastic greenhouses are sold in a set of three — they’re also a great idea for gift boxes.

8. Towel holder, $20

towel holder Decorative ladders are seemingly everywhere these days. Use the Sprutt towel holder for its original purpose or suspend it from the ceiling and use it as a clothing rack.

9. Cushion, $6

cushion The Önskedrӧm multi-color cushion is the perfect match for your bedroom or living room.

10. Bench, price TBD

closeup bench-compressed The Sinnerlig collection with Ilse Crawford features a wide range of natural materials such as such as cork, ceramic and glass. This low-slung cork bench is highly versatile — in the catalog it’s pictured as seating for a dining table, a platform for houseplants and a classy looking coffee table. The new line will be available starting in August.

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