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Happy Canada Day! Show off your patriotic pride with these five home accessories, all priced under $100. Keep the holiday decor simple and sophisticated, with just a touch of Canadiana — after all, Canadians don’t like to brag.

1. Canadian Rustic Woodland Beaver Pillow, $57

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Many have criticized the beaver in its role as an official symbol of the sovereignty of Canada. However, it’s important to remember that this country was essentially founded on the trading of beaver pelts. Pay tribute to the semi-aquatic rodent with this $57 throw pillow from Etsy’s Sparrow Avenue shop.

2. Retro Tin Maple Syrup Candle, $15

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The province of Quebec produces roughly 71 percent of the world’s maple syrup — that’s a lot of tire sur la neige. Make your home smell like liquid gold year-round with this $15 retro tin maple syrup candle from the Drake General Store. Just make sure you’ve got pancake mix on hand for when those cravings kick in.

3. Toronto Luggage Tag Poster, $24

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Despite Drake’s insistence that “The Six” is Toronto’s new nickname, the three letter code for Pearson Airport is still YYZ. This luggage tag print is available from Etsy’s offizin shop for $24.

4. Cardboard Moose Head, $30

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Although this video of a man riding a moose across a lake in British Columbia may send the wrong message, the majority of Canadians care deeply for these grand, majestic creatures. Faux taxidermy makes for modern, animal-friendly wall decor. The Fred Cardboard Moose Head can be purchased online from Cardboard Safari for $30.

5. Hudson’s Bay Company Mug, $12

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Ah, the iconic and overpriced green, red, yellow and indigo stripes of Hudson’s Bay Company. Get the look for less with this porcelain mug, priced at $12.

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