If you haven’t seen the incredible “Castle Truck” video yet, you’ve been missing out. The detailed reveal of a castle-inspired, mobile tiny house has garnered almost 5 million views on YouTube.

Located in New Zealand, the house truck folds out to transform into a fantasy castle complete with turrets, sliding doors, a canopy and a modular “baby throne.” Believe it or not, the road-legal, completely off-grid home is big enough for a young couple and their son.

Bryce Langston and Melissa Nickerson are the micro-home enthusiasts who released the video. They’re the brains behind Living Big in a Tiny House, a documentary and YouTube channel chronicling the couple’s journey as they build their own tiny home. The duo has launched a Patreon crowdfunding page with the hope of financing future films and their wee abode.

“We have put together an incredible team of experts to help us along the way who are all willing to share their knowledge with you. We create lots of DIY videos that focus on all aspects of Tiny House building,” they explained.

Living Big in a Tiny House also plans to travel to more locations to “hunt out unique and beautiful small homes.” They wish to “tell the stories of the people who live in them and give insight into downsized living.”

The premise of Patreon is a bit different from other crowdfunding sites. With Patreon, a large amount of donors pledge a small amount of money multiple times instead of a few supporters donating lump sums.

Seven patrons have already promised a total of $28 for every video the couple makes. Follow along at livingbiginatinyhouse.com.

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