Home design that’s as sturdy as it is stunning.

This living area with concrete floors and a concrete table to match.

concrete dining room Photo: imgur

This sunken kitchen.

concrete sunken kitchen Photo: imgur

This two-level Stockholm penthouse propped up by concrete beams.

concrete room beam Photo: imgur

This bedroom with concrete walls, a concrete ceiling and polished concrete floors.

concrete bedroom Photo: Ricardo Bofill

Part of a converted cement factory, of course.

This solid loft.

concrete loft Photo: Pinterest

And this one with a concrete divide and sunken bathtub.

concrete loft 2 Photo: imgur

This exposed concrete living room overlooking Sao Paulo.

concrete living room Photo: imgur

And this rugged kitchen in the same house.

concrete kitchen sao paulo Photo: imgur

More interior shots of the home here.

This oceanfront bedroom surrounded by an infinity moat.

concrete oceanfront bedroom Photo: imgur

Impossible to tell where the pool ends and the ocean begins.

And this lakefront concrete living room with a hand-crank retractable wall.

concrete living room Photo: Olson Kundig Architects

Part of Northern Idaho’s Chicken Point Cabin.

The main living area of this loft home with a 20-foot retractable wall.

concrete loft home concrete loft home 2 Photow: Terra E Tuma

By Brazilian architecture firm Terra E Tuma. More info and images here.

This curved concrete corridor in Nagano, Japan.

concrete cooridor Photo: imgur

Part of ARTechnic Architects’ Shell house.

This minimalist bathroom.

concrete minimalist bathroom Photo: imgur

This exposed kitchen.

concrete kitchen Photo: imgur

This billiards room in a mansion on the California coast.

concrete games room Photo: Yoshihiro Koitani

Part of Alberto Kalach’s Casa Kalif.

This open-concept living room with a vaulted concrete ceiling.

concrete open concept Photo: Photo: imgur

And this dining room and kitchen.

Concrete living room Photos: CHANG Architects

This Singapore home is called Lucky Shophouse, named for The Lucky Book Store which used to occupy the space.

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