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Beginning this summer, the Seattle Parks Department will be closing down over 177 blocks throughout Central District and Ballard in honor of a new event series called Summer Parkways.

This season, Summer Parkways promises to close down numerous streets in order to provide a day of fun for families living in Seattle.

“The events will smash together Summer Streets (neighborhood street fairs) with the car-free family fun of the city’s long-running Bicycle Sunday events on Lake Washington Boulevard,” wrote Seattle Bike Blog’s Tom Fucoloro.

Each neighborhood will host community barbecues, dance classes, bicycle parades, drumlines, food trucks and basically whatever they want in their usual busy streets.

Summer Parkways will officially kick off in the Central District on Saturday, September 12th allowing residents to explore the neighborhood in a whole new way. A community-organized block party will take place near the Garfield Playfields and run throughout three miles of the area. Central District will also provide food trucks and local farmers’ markets to those hoping to try out the district’s top cuisines.

The series will continue north to Ballard on Saturday, September 19th and provide over seven miles of walkable, rideable and non-drivable street access. Ballard will host a sustainability festival along with a variety of activities for kids of all ages.

Shutting down major roadways is usually frustrating for most Seattle commuters. But while these events will undoubtedly cause drivers to take alternative routes, the chance to explore new neighborhoods on foot will allow communities to continue experiencing the widely diverse city.

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