AllenInstitute Photo: Allen Institute Facade Unveilling/YouTube

Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist, has been busy building his new headquarters for the Allen Institute for Brain Science in South Lake Union.

The new building is meant to consolidate current teams and employees of the Allen Institute, currently working from offices spread across Seattle, into the 270,000 square foot space at the corner of Westlake and Mercer.

Late last week, Allen’s Vulcan Inc. announced that beyond serving as the Institute’s new headquarters, the building would also house the new Pivot Art + Culture art space. According to Vulcan’s website the newly created nonprofit will be “focused on sharing art with the Seattle community at large.”

The space will be located on the ground floor of the Allen Institute headquarters and contain a two-room gallery that is open to anyone in need of some inspiration through art. Vulcan has said that the non-profit hired Minneapolis-based artist Ben Heywood to serve as its director.

Development of the new headquarters is of course being undertaken by Allen’s Vulcan Real Estate division. The façade was revealed in June this year and the full building is expected to be completed by fall 2015.

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