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For many artists, a lofty, downtown office space just isn’t an option. More often than not, a little improvisation is a necessity for small business owners and creative types, especially when it comes to their workspaces.

Many entrepreneurs and artists have taken refuge with ArtBuilt, an NYC-based, non-profit, art-support organization offering tiny, portable workspaces with an affordable price tag. The workspaces offer an innovative solution for mobile artists and alternative businesses, which often rely on a nomadic, economical lifestyle to survive.

The studios are built on flatbeds and can be carted around and parked anywhere.They’re street-legal and feature user-towable trailers and integrated heating and cooling. Measuring up to 200 square feet, each workspace is energy-efficient, super-insulated, and can run on either grid power, solar or biodiesel.

Part of the inspiration behind ArtBuilt’s mobile studios is the Tiny Home movement, a trend which has been steadily gaining popularity across the US for years now. Micro-housing enthusiasts are coming up with more and more innovative ways of maximizing space and sustainability in homes measuring less than 400 square feet, and now it’s making its way to the office space market.

ArtBuilt is a collaborative partnership between ArtBuilding, a non-profit business helping artists and creative types find workspaces and ArtHome, another non-profit organization supporting the arts community. The organizations focus on helping artists gain financial literacy and assets to ultimately support the cultural community and the economy as a whole.

ArtBuilt ultimately aims to foster the arts, micro-businesses, social service, and community development by offering portable, affordable assets to artists.

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