The tiny home movement has recently exploded into national consciousness, gathering thousands of supporters who seek to live more economically and more sustainably. That means living in home that is less than 400 square feet.

Space constraints can lead to some incredible innovations — fitting a lot of home into a small amount of space.

Small is Beautiful” is a feature length documentary that explores the emotional and financial considerations behind going tiny, following four people as they design and execute tiny homes from the ground up.

Filmed in Portland, Oregon, the film follows characters who are all at different stages of building and living in their own tiny homes. Ben is a 20-something single guy with an inheritance to spend and a design he drew, but no building experience. Nikki and Mitchell are a young couple who, along with their two dogs, dream of financial freedom through a tiny home. Karen, 50, has loved living in her tiny house for two years yet still struggles with the lack of permanency that comes with living in a house on wheels.

The trailer for the film reveals the prospective homeowners’ fears about the safety of designing and constructing their own homes. “Am I doing this right?” one asks. “Are we walking ourselves into this place where it’s just going to explode?”

But one subject reveals the grand motivations behind going tiny, “[t]he movement is about freedom from debt and… options.”

“Small is Beautiful” has announced screenings all across the country, from California to Georgia — with more screenings on the way over the next few months.

If you’ve already caught the tiny home bug, you can check out our collection of tiny apartment hacks here.

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