Living small cramping your style? Open up your studio apartment or micro-unit with these brilliant design tips and tricks.

Partition your bedroom/living area with curtains.

tiny apartment curtain divider Photo: ApartmentTherapy

Or push your couch against the bed to trick yourself into thinking the rooms are separate.

tiny apartment couch bed divider Photo: Pinterest

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Lamps needn’t take up valuable floor space. Hang ’em.

tiny apartment hanging lamp Photo: Pinterest

Get yourself a floating desk.

tiny apartment diy floating desk Photo: Pinterest

A trunk is a coffee table AND storage space.

tiny apartment trunk Photo: theeverygirl

Replace your swinging doors with less invasive sliding doors.

tiny apartment sliding doors Photo: ApartmentTherapy

Build yourself a foldout wall table.

tiny-apartment-fold-out-wall-table Photo: HomeStory

Learn how here.

Or forget the dining table and install a simple dining bar.

tiny apartment bar Photo: offbeatandinspired

A slide-out pantry will free up space in your cramped kitchen.

tiny apartment sliding pantry Photo: classy clutter

Here’s the DIY how-to guide.

Put shelves over your doorways for additional storage space.

tiny apartment doorway shelf Photo: Pinterest

Invest in dual-purpose furniture like this chair that’s also a bookcase.

tiny apartment bookcase chair Photo: archello

Or this sofa that’s also a dining room set.

tiny apartment couch dining room set Photos: Julia Kononenko

And this mirror that’s also an ironing board.

tiny apartment ironing board mirror Photo: aissalogerot

Your bedside table can also be your desk.

tiny apartment bedside table desk Photo: popsugar

Or move your work space outside with this balcony desk.

Balcony desk Photo: balkonzept

Order one here for approximately $145 USD.

You could also transform your closet into a home office.

tiny apartment closet office Photo: Pinterest

Or cram your entire bedroom in there.

tiny apartment closet bedroom Photos: ApartmentTherapy, Pinterest

And then simply hang your clothes from the ceiling.

tiny apartment hanging clothes Photo: Pinterest

Your shoes, socks and underwear can be stored in a DIY pallet bed frame.

tiny apartment bed storage Photo: Pinterest

Forgo the end table for this arm table.

tiny apartment arm table Photo: scoutmob

Buy it here.

Use room dividers that double as extra storage.

tiny apartment storage room divider Photo: Pinterest


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