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Scouting NY was probably not out to ruin a few fond childhood memories by researching what the Monopoly properties look like in real life. But once you’ve seen the streets behind some of the most coveted properties in the iconic board game, you might think twice before plunking down a handful of yellow hundred dollar bills. The streets are actually all located in Atlantic City — which, like most cities, has its highs and lows.

Scouting NY, a blog run by New York movie location scout Nick Carr, explains Mediterranean Avenue’s origin story:

Mediterranean Ave: Running northeast through the city, Mediterranean Ave mostly consists of low-rise residential properties. On Hoskins’s original board, this was named Arctic Avenue; it was later changed to Mediterranean by Charles Darrow (once popularly considered to be Monopoly’s sole creator) because he liked the warmer feel of the name.

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Scouting NY also discovered that Atlantic Avenue is a great deal:

Atlantic Ave: As far as I can tell, Atlantic Ave is the longest street on the island, running over 8 miles from Atlantic City to Longport. It’s also one of the most commercial heavy, quite a steal for only $260!

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With all the money you save, you can go and have some fun at the casino!

Thanks, Scouting NY, for the quirky story. You may have put a few fond memories of childhood playtime at risk, but your reporting also had us laughing out loud. You definitely deserve to pass GO and collect $200.

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