Lisa Dunpar Homes held a presentation Thursday to showcase their high-quality interior features and finishes. Lisa Rogers, interior designer at Dunpar and Cityline guest expert, was there to hash out the hottest design trends and share a few insider tips.

She said that trends are moving away from the minimalism of 2014 and instead bringing back warmer colours, materials and textures.

“In 2014 everything was very modern and I always felt like I was in some sort of anonymous hotel room, everything looked sort of the same. But now it’s changing and we’re getting into all this richness,” she said.

Some of Rogers’ favourite materials right now are wood, wicker and grasscloth. She showcased these materials at the decor centre through flooring samples, accessories and a bold accent wall.

“One of the things I’m loving now is texture and colour. With grasscloth, you can get into beautiful, rich textures,” she said. “If you wanted to do a feature wall behind a bed in a bedroom or put grasscloth in your powder room, that would be a great way to make that a wonderful room.”

Hardwood flooring was another major point of discussion at the event. Rogers said that when choosing foundation pieces like flooring or cabinetry, it’s best to choose materials and styles that are clean, classic and uniform, like high-quality wood.

“Certain things like hardwood are timeless. They never go out of style and they add a level of sophistication and elegance to a space that you can’t deny,” she said. “With hardwood, from the moment you walk in the door to when you get to the top floor there’s a constant, beautiful flow.”

In addition to discussing interior design, Rogers shared her advice on prepping a home for resale and maximizing living space. She stressed the importance of decluttering not only to help with resale, but also as a cathartic process that everyone should take part in every so often.

“Put things away and purge. Give it away! It feels great because you can start fresh,” she said. “A lot of people hold onto stuff thinking they’re going to use it, but really the chances are unlikely. Really, you can let it go, give it away.”

Rogers wrapped up her presentation by reiterating the importance of choosing the right foundation pieces. She said that ultimately, a home should reflect the people who live there and their story, but it should also be versatile enough to appeal to potential buyers in the future.

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Decor Centre

Dunpar Homes is a top-notch builder in the GTA specializing in luxury townhomes with character. Their most recent developments are Trafalgar Ridge in Oakville and Heritage Gate in Mississauga, both of which feature distinctive architecture and high-quality finishes.

Dunpar Homes also recently celebrated the grand opening of their decor centre at 1092 Islington Avenue. The centre provides a platform for Dunpar to showcase their selection of impressive materials, colours and textures like statuarietto marble, another one of Rogers’ favourites.

The homes at Heritage Gate are currently for sale, while Trafalgar Ridge is still in the registration phase.

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