Proof that purpose-built isn’t always best.

This warehouse turned single-family home in London.

converted home london warehouse Photo: Chris Dyson Architects

Located in the city’s Shoreditch neighbourhood.

And this warehouse loft conversion in Tribeca.

converted home warehouse loft Photo: Andrew Franz Architect

This re-purposed barn in New Hampshire.

converted home barn-1 Photo: imgur

And this one in the Netherlands.

converted home barn kitchen Photos: Maxwan Architects

This 12th century mill conversion in Western Spain.

converted home mill bedroom Photo: imgur

By architect Ricardo Elizondo. More photos here.

This New York City penthouse inside a 100-year-old clock tower.

converted home clock tower Photo: Corcoran Real Estate Group

It can be yours for just $18 million.

Also in New York, also a converted clock tower.

converted home clock tower-2 Photo: Muratore Corp

More info and images this way.

This home that was a Lucky Strike warehouse in the 1930s.

converted home warehouse Photo: imgur

And now it’s a beautiful home in the Mission district of San Francisco.

This barge abode in Stockholm.

converted home barge 2 converted home barge Photos: homedsgn

The 1,600-square-foot floating apartment was recently on the market for $800,000.

This former farmhouse in the Spanish Pyrenees.

converted home farmhouse Photo: imgur

So much cozy!

This praise-worthy church conversion in London.

converted home church Photo: imgur

This one too.

converted home church 2 Photo: Gianna Camilotti

Also in London. You can find more photos on the designer’s website.

This glass bedroom that used to be a greenhouse.

converted home greenhouse Photo: imgur

And this bedroom in a converted water tower.

converted home water tower Photos:  Zecc Architecten

Located in the Netherlands, this water tower-to-residential conversion has nine levels and a rooftop terrace. It was designed by Dutch firm Zecc Architecten.

This loft that was a mill back in the late 1800s.

converted home cotton mill Photo: imgur

Located in Atlanta.

This schoolhouse that was turned into a regular house.

converted home school Photo: vtwonen

This gas station and mechanic shop that was re-purposed as an Airbnb rental.

converted home gas station-1 converted home gas station-2 Photos: imgur

Available for rent in New Orleans for $440 a night.

This New York City loft converted from an old sprinkler tank house.

converted home tank house 2 converted home tank house Photos: Brian Messana

And this private home that used to be a public underground bathroom.

converted home public bathroom Photo: lamparchitects

All the dirty renovation details here.

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