Everyone loves a good secret, especially if it’s incorporated into beautiful home design.

Some rooms are ordinary, but when you hide them away behind a trap door, movable wall or sliding bookshelf, they become mysterious- and that allure is more than enough to pique your design curiosity.

This games room hidden behind a games shelf.

hidden-games-roomPhotos: Witt Construction

It only makes sense that you’d have a games room to accompany a well-stocked games shelf, but how much cooler is it when you have to cross the shelf to get to it? What’s behind door number one? World dominion and triple score words of course!

And this bookcase that begets a bathroom.

bookcase hidden bathroomPhoto: Pinterest

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Those who share a bathroom with multiple people will find this idea immensely appealing- a secret bathroom hidden away behind a bookcase. Not only is this private, but there is also lots of reading material close by.

Here too.

bookcase hidden bathroom-2Photo: Pinterest

This secret door to this bathroom is really decorative, with the arch and cut-out shelves adding visual interest to the wall. No one will guess there is a bathroom tucked in behind.

This dining room with an escape to the den.

hidden-denPhotos: Creative Home Engineering

Looking for somewhere to retire after dinner? Sneak off to the den. This can also be a helpful place to hide if you are really keen on getting out of after-dinner dishes.

This staircase with a trapdoor leading to a cozy crawlspace.

stairs trapdoorPhotos: Pinterest

This cozy crawlspace is excellent for storage or for hiding valuables. It’s easily accessible, and given its central location in the house, you can stow away items that aren’t in daily use, while still keeping them close at hand.

This sauna behind the bathroom wall.

secret saunaPhoto: Robin Pelissier

It’s like a sauna in here! Take your steam baths in secret by popping open the wall in your bathroom. Have a health and wellness hideaway- literally- right at home.

This retractable bedroom that hides in the ceiling of the living room.

retractable bedroomPhoto: imgur

Part of the YO! Home designed by Yo! Sushi founder Simon Woodroffe.

Need room for guests? Not enough floor space for your bed and a sofa? Not to worry, you can hide your bed in the living room ceiling, and have it drop in when needed.

This magical wardrobe that leads to Narnia.

narnia-secret-roomPhotos: Reddit

Some of the greatest stories have been built around the ability to escape through a secret portal or passage-like the Chronicles of Narnia. Wouldn’t it be something to have your own magical wardrobe that opens right into Narnia?

This secret storage closet beneath the stairs.

secret storage closetPhoto: imgur

You can never have too much storage, and this nook is conveniently located right beneath your staircase.  It blends it perfectly to your accent wall, and you can keep your hallway and foyer clutter free.

And this hidden rec room behind the stairs.

hidden room staircasePhoto: Creative Home Engineering

You can send the kids off to play in this hidden rec room, which if not soundproof, will definitely soften the sound. They’ll love having a secret clubhouse as well.

This cozy carpeted reading nook.

hidden reading nookPhotos: Siol Studios

Curling up with a good book is one of life’s truly guilty pleasures, but you need to right environment to truly enjoy the experience. This cozy reading nook is just the right size to snuggle in.

And this playroom that’s only accessible to children and pets.

secret playroomPhoto: Pinterest

This clubhouse is very exclusive, with passage only granted to four-legged friends, or their human companions underneath a certain height requirement.

This door disguised as a bookcase.

secret staircasePhoto: Twitter

There are only a select few reasons that you would need a secret staircase (a quick getaway?) but hiding it behind a very respectable and stylish bookcase is a clever ruse.

And this staircase that lifts up to reveal another set of stairs!

lift staircase hiddenPhotos: Pinterest

You can’t just let everyone down to your basement. You need to know where to find the stairs to what lies beneath. Mancave? Storage? Another staircase?

This wine cellar that hides behind a rock wall feature.

hidden wine cellar-3Photo: Creative Home Engineering

Your wine will fare best in a dark and cool environment, and this rock wall that swings out is a great way to block the light. Knock twice for entry, and bring your tasting glass.

And this trapdoor wine cellar that’s accessible by a spiral staircase.

hidden wine cellarPhotos: signaturecellars

Need another bottle at your dinner party? You’ll be back in a jiffy because your wine collection is right beneath your feet. And with a glass hatch, you can window shop whenever you’d like.

Here too.

trapdoor win cellarPhoto: signaturecellars

With a trap door that blends into the floor, this wine cellar is top secret- for true enthusiasts only.

Or this retractable wine rack that rises from the floor at the push of a button.

retractable wine cellarPhoto: YO! Home

This retractable wine rack has a futuristic vibe. One would expect your robot butler to be pouring your finest vintage. Is there a better use for hidden storage?

This home library that hides a weapons cache.

hidden room libaryPhotos: Creative Home Engineering

Seems… safe?

Keep your weapons hidden away from your friends and your enemies- behind a very ordinary looking bookcase.

This giant poster that conceals an escape.

hidden room posterPhoto: adamhunterinc

Very Shawkshank Redemption.

When you just need a moment alone- and can’t wait any longer, pop through the secret door behind this giant poster.

And finally, this bookshelf that leads to a pub.

hidden room pubPhoto: Turner Construction

All secret passageways should lead to bars. Found in the Bellevue office of a Washington State law firm.

Sometimes it really pays to be on the inside track, especially if it gets you access to this apparently members-only pub, hidden away behind a bookcase. Happy hour indeed.

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