Everyone loves a good secret, especially if it’s incorporated into beautiful home design.

This games room hidden behind a games shelf.

hidden-games-room Photos: Witt Construction

And this bookcase that begets a bathroom.

bookcase hidden bathroom Photo: Pinterest

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Here too.

bookcase hidden bathroom-2 Photo: Pinterest

This dining room with an escape to the den.

hidden-den Photos: Creative Home Engineering

This staircase with a trapdoor leading to a cozy crawlspace.

stairs trapdoor Photos: Pinterest

This sauna behind the bathroom wall.

secret sauna Photo: Robin Pelissier

This retractable bedroom that hides in the ceiling of the living room.

retractable bedroom Photo: imgur

Part of the YO! Home designed by Yo! Sushi founder Simon Woodroffe.

This magical wardrobe that leads to Narnia.

narnia-secret-room Photos: Reddit

This secret storage closet beneath the stairs.

secret storage closet Photo: imgur

And this hidden rec room behind the stairs.

hidden room staircase Photo: Creative Home Engineering

This cozy carpeted reading nook.

hidden reading nook Photos: Siol Studios

And this playroom that’s only accessible to children and pets.

secret playroom Photo: Pinterest

This door disguised as a bookcase.

secret staircase Photo: Twitter

And this staircase that lifts up to reveal another set of stairs!

lift staircase hidden Photos: Pinterest

This wine cellar that hides behind a rock wall feature.

hidden wine cellar-3 Photo: Creative Home Engineering

And this trapdoor wine cellar that’s accessible by a spiral staircase.

hidden wine cellar Photos: signaturecellars

Here too.

trapdoor win cellar Photo: signaturecellars

Or this retractable wine rack that rises from the floor at the push of a button.

retractable wine cellar Photo: YO! Home

This home library that hides a weapons cache.

hidden room libary Photos: Creative Home Engineering

Seems… safe?

This giant poster that conceals an escape.

hidden room poster Photo: adamhunterinc

Very Shawkshank Redemption.

And finally, this bookshelf that leads to a pub.

hidden room pub Photo: Turner Construction

All secret passageways should lead to bars. Found in the Bellevue office of a Washington State law firm.

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