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Is there anything more suave than a hidden home bar? Whether it’s tucked away inside a globe, behind a painting or beyond a revolving bookshelf, it’s a surefire way to impress guests or evade that one friend who always drinks your liquor.

The Safavieh Nala Bar Cabinet looks suspiciously like a vintage steamer trunk — but it opens to reveal a wine and liquor cabinet. There are two sizable drawers, glassware storage and a wine rack. Liquor bottles can be placed inside the cabinet doors, which offer built-in shelving. The bar cabinet measures about 3.5 feet tall (107 cm), 2 feet wide (60 cm) and 1.5 feet deep (45 cm). It is upholstered in sage linen but is also available in beige. The corners are reinforced with brass, antique-inspired nailheads. It retails online from Target for $499.99 or Dot&Bo for $429.99.

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