What if the sun could shine underground? It sounds like science fiction, but it’s the highly likely proposition behind The Lowline — New York City’s proposed underground park.

The project has been in the planning stages since 2012 and now is nearing a significant milestone, with 1,155 backers and $101,719 of its $200,000 goal raised on Kickstarter. The campaign has until July 8th to become fully funded.

The plan is to use solar technology to build the park and fill it with self-sustaining greenery. Extremely efficient mirrors will reflect the light and direct it underground via tubes.

“The core feature of the Lowline is that we can take the natural sunlight, send it underground, and use it to grow stuff,” explains James Ramsey, Creator and Co-Founder of The Lowline.

The team plans to repurpose an abandoned trolley terminal, a football field-sized piece of New York City and “transform it into a vibrant public space filled with plants and trees and to create something unlike anything the world has ever seen before.”

“All we’re doing is revealing something that has been there longer than most of the people in the area,” added Robyn Shapiro, Director of Community.

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