SFSubway Photo: Imgur

Although San Francisco has a centralized downtown area and a large population, an integrated subway system has yet to materialize.

One designer let his imagination run wild and has come up with a concept for his ideal subway system.

Notice that Elliot B. Spelman’s concept has lines reaching all the way from the wharf to Balboa Park and Breakers to Embarcadero. Spelman, a San Francisco-based designer, artist, and copywriter, drew up six lines, including a circle line.

Although San Francisco does not have a subway, many would argue that it is still considered quite navigable via public transit.

San Francisco’s actual transit map is extensive and includes the BART, Caltrain, 54 bus lines, 17 trolley bus lines and seven light rail lines (including the Muni Metro subway tube). Does an extensive subway system really need to be built?

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