Finding a little privacy in a loft or studio apartment can be a tough task. Room dividers can be a practical way to designate different areas for working, sleeping and hanging out in your space, but they can also serve as a striking decor focal point.

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive quick fix or an elegant statement piece to show off your great taste, the options below come in at many different price points. Make your annoying roommate (and her infuriating Nickelback playlists!) disappear with these modern screens ranging from $6 to $4,000.

Koziol Geometric Room Divider – $6.45

Photo: Wayfair

This handcrafted piece hangs from the ceiling to create a dazzling display of bright color, movement and texture. The sharp, jagged angles and intricate design would infuse any space with an artistic feel.

Starburst Decorative Panel – $24.98

Photo: Walmart

Need a quick fix for a boring wall or an awkward layout? This patterned panel should do the trick. Hang it as a room divider, window treatment or even as an art piece for a touch of flair.

MIO Nomad System Room Divider – $61.60

Photo: Home Depot

These flexible Nomad room dividers can be easily arranged in a number of different configurations and sizes, depending on the type of space you’re working with. Made of recycled cardboard, the modular, colorful pieces would fit right into any contemporary pad.

nexxt Design Sotto Rings Mirror Hanging Room Divider – $168.99

Photo: Wayfair

Channel your inner Austin Powers with this totally groovy room divider. The concentric rings can be arranged in multiple patterns, allowing you to customize the piece to your liking. Plus, the mirrored surfaces of the rings will contribute to a more spacious feel in your space. Yeah baby!

Maze Root Divider – $672

Photo: Houzz

Transform your home into a fertile forest with this natural maze root divider. Made of teak root with a bold, black steel frame, this divider makes a captivating conversation piece in any space.

Luna Sea Room Divider – $879

Photo: Eco Chic

Reclaimed fishing boat wood assembled by hand and framed by recycled bridge iron are the eco-friendly materials behind the Luna Sea Room Divider. Add a splash of color and cottage-ify your urban space with this rustic screen.

Loft Wall Low Height Room Partition – $1,015

Photo: Houzz

Standing 53 inches tall, this partition is ideal for cordoning off an office space in a studio apartment. Break up your color scheme with the bold mix-and-match options.

Loft Wall Wave Partition – $1,490

Photo: Houzz

This wave partition is every mod-lover’s dream. Its undulating lines and clean, white hue will brighten up even the dreariest of spaces.

Temptation Porsche Modern White Room Divider – $1,600

Photo: Houzz

Add this intricate, maze-like divider to your space for a contemporary, elegant accent piece. Its white shade will lighten up your decor and give your space a clean, fresh look.

Maddock Room Screen – $1,680

Photo: Houzz

Not a big fan of geometry class? Have no fear, there are other ways to incorporate shapes and jagged angles into your life. This dark walnut room divider showcases a striking design of varying forms and irregular lines, creating a unique statement piece for a living or dining room.

Screen Gems Room Divider – $1,949.99

Photo: Staples

Add a touch of old Hollywood glamour to your space with this elegant screen. Its seamless, two-panel construction and stainless steel design will dazzle your guests.

Hardwood Screen – $2,100

Photo: Houzz

This screen brings a whole new dimension to the hard, rigid wood of old. Elastic cords within the piece allow it to bend and stretch organically, creating an artful masterpiece.

Slide Design Gio Wind Wall – $2,187

Photo: Houzz

Looking for a room divider with a brilliant touch? Look no further than the Gio Wind Wall. Designed in Italy by Gio Colonna Romano, this novel piece lights up to lend a welcoming glow to your space.

Arteriors DD2020 Epicenter Room Screen – $4,920

Photo: Houzz

The hypnotizing circles of this design were inspired by the reverberations of a drop of water in a pond or lake. Standing over seven feet tall, this divider will be a majestic beacon of art in your home.

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