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Housing markets across the US are becoming extremely competitive, and both buyers and sellers are constantly looking for an extra edge. Sometimes sellers will include furniture or offer upgrades. Buyers might offer above asking price — or pay in cash.

But one buyer had an unheard of trick up her sleeve: offering free pizza for life.

Reuters reports that a Portland woman offered free pizza in an attempt to sweeten her offer on a 900 square foot house in Southeast Portland.

Donna DeNicola is the owner of DeNicola’s Italian Restaurant and she was purchasing the home for her 23-year-old son.

“It was really a joke,” she explained. “I swear to you I did not know that made it into the paperwork.”

“I thought, well, time is ticking and we’ve got to get into this market.” Besides offering the asking price of $275,000, she also included two months of free rent for the sellers.

The seller was blown away. “Donna’s offer was just so compelling and the fact that she offered 60 days of rent back for free, which is practically unheard of,” said Holly Marsh. “And then the pizza part was just hilarious. It just goes to show they really did something to stand out among the offers.”

Nathaniel Bachelder, the listing agent from Urban Nest Realty, was not surprised by the buyer’s extreme measures. “Everything’s going pending in a couple days. Almost everything’s getting multiple offers,” he said. Bachelder added that housing inventory for March and April was less than two months.

According to Reuters, people are now affectionately calling the property in question “pizza house.”

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