cover image floor Photo: Javier de Riba/Facebook

Further fueling the fascination with ‘ruin porn’ is Javier de Riba, a Catalan visual artist and member of the Reskate Arts & Crafts Collective. Using the floors of abandoned, decaying buildings as his canvas, de Riba creates striking geometric patterns that resemble Spanish ceramic tilework — a nod to the Moorish influence on design.

In his latest project, “Floors,” the Barcelona-based artist uses spray paint and stencils, building the pattern layer by layer. For his larger works, like the one pictured above, Javier begins by painting a square, white base. He then adds multiple layers of stencils and a border, using color to create depth.

“It moves me to think that one day these floors harbored experiences and helped form a part of someone’s daily life, and now finally rest forgotten,” said Javier in an interview with The Huffington Post. The intricate mosaic patterns restore a bit of the building’s former glory — adding beauty to its breakdown.

turquoise and red floors

red pattern floors

grass floors

floors project turquoise Photos: Javier de Riba/Facebook

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