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From the internet’s perspective, it seems like life in Dubai is all about posing with exotic animals on the hood of your Porsche, smoking shisha aboard a yacht and playing a round on the world’s highest tennis court.

Adding to the list of “Things You Will Only See in Dubai,” is 3D epoxy flooring — a trend that is transforming ordinary spaces into optical illusions. The service has been popularized by Imperial Interiors, a Dubai-based design company catering to ostentatious homeowners.

The installation process involves printing a high-definition image onto photo paper, coating it with a two-component polymer to create a 3D effect and then sealing it with a protective lacquer. Despite its bold aesthetic, the company maintains the decorative flooring can be used in private homes, hotels, shopping malls, night clubs or wherever else a smiling dolphin popping its head out of the water is needed.

The price ranges from $100 to to $550 per square meter (roughly 10 square feet). For those with too much money and a penchant for fresh flowers, sandy beaches or imitation marine life, 3D epoxy flooring might be the future of over-the-top interior design.

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