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When the real estate market is taking a hit, home sellers turn to unconventional methods to attract attention to their listings — here, we’ve rounded up 10 real-life examples.

1. Build a mini roller coaster for potential home buyers to tour the property in.

A Dutch bank teamed up with realtor Verder met Wonen to construct a wooden roller coaster through a five bedroom home. Potential buyers were treated to an informative ride that ended with a big drop out of a second story window. Sadly, the ride was dismantled after the house sold.

2. Throw in a $170,000 2011 Maserati Quattroporte.

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In Montreal’s ritzy Westmount neighborhood, the owner of a $3.5 million mansion is including an Italian luxury car as an added value. The Maserati has clocked just 23,000 kilometers and we hear it goes zero to one-hundred real quick.

3. Offer free pizza for life.

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Everybody likes pizza, even crime-fighting turtles in a half shell. In order to secure a deal, a purchaser in Portland, Oregon offered one free pizza every month to a home seller. The clause made its way into contract and the new owner has promised to make good on the deal — luckily he’s the son of a local pizzeria owner.

4. Hold a 200-word essay contest and charge $150 for each submission.

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Homeowner and realtor Michael Wachs is holding a contest to sell his 1,056 square foot bungalow in Houston, Texas for a fee of $150 and a short essay. The Wachs are hoping to raise enough money to get close to the market value of the house, which features two bedrooms, one bathroom and a two-car garage.

5. Enlist an adorable grandmother to photobomb your listing pics.

grandma tweet Photo: asapmakky/Twitter

Yolie Ball, an 86-year-old grandmother, became an internet sensation after photos of her posing in real estate photos of her Davenport, Florida home were posted to Twitter. The photos, which were tweeted by her granddaughter, amassed thousands of favorites.

6. Write a catchy tune and post it to YouTube.

The owner of a house in a quaint Scottish village turned to comedy to sell his property. The video features the owner, Iain Rooney, drinking tea in the tub and taking in the view of the sea from his rooftop terrace. Our favorite line in the song is as follows: “The attic’s a great place to hide from your spouse, it’s my favorite room of the house. Please buy my house.”

7. Entice buyers with $1,000 worth of free beer on moving day.

flickr beer Photo: Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski

Canadians love their beer. To prove it, a realtor in Calgary offered a garage full of brewskis to the buyer of the four bedroom, two and a half bathroom home she was selling. That’s one way to reward friends who help you move.

8. Offer $10,000 to a Facebook friend who shares your post and delivers a buyer.

clemson house facebook-compressed Photo: Barry Blakely/Facebook

Homeowner Barry Blakely was fed up with high agent fees, so he listed his house on Craigslist and shared the post on Facebook. He promised $10,000 to anyone whose share resulted in the purchase of his home. The post has over 55,000 ‘likes’ and 3,000 shares.

9. Include a brand new Rolls-Royce as a purchaser incentive.

rolls royce trump Photo: Nicola Betts Photography

At Trump Residences Toronto, four buyers of the penthouse suites will receive a 2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II or a 2016 Rolls-Royce Wraith with their new abode.

10. Use a raffle to sell your house.

raffle-compressed Photo: Alyson Hurt/Flickr

Unable to find a buyer for her sprawling Austrian villa, Traude Daniel used a raffle — selling tickets for €99 or $128 each. She was able to raise more money than her asking price for the 4,305 square foot home. The raffle was advertised on the Internet and an Austrian named Water Egger was ultimately picked as the winner.

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