Apartment House-1 Photos: Kochi Architects

It was an eight-room studio apartment building before Japanese design firm Kochi Architects bought it, ripped down the walls and converted it into a single-family home.

Called “Apartment House,” the design uses color and asymmetry for a bright, open-concept living experience that, as PSFK points out, evokes the Cubism art movement made popular by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque:

Reminiscent of a child’s construction paper project, and just as vibrant, the effect is a striking one. Each room is given a different color and theme, which extends further into the void, providing the impression of a larger space.

Each room in the house is exposed in some way — via a missing wall, canted doorway or window — to a central living area. Like Japan’s Unfinished House by Yamazaki Kentaro, it doesn’t provide much in the way of privacy, but the bold design scheme is sure to keep occupants’ attention on the misshapen spaces and off one another.

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