Today, it isn’t necessary to choose between sustainability and style. Big-box companies like Ikea and Pottery Barn have joined the eco-friendly movement, making it easier than ever to fill your space with beautiful (and useful!) accessories you can feel good about.

Take a look at the list below for some ideas!

This recycled confetti glassware

SustainableAccessories1Photo: Bambeco

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure — this collection of glassware was handmade from pieces of old soda bottles found in a landfill. No two pieces are exactly the same, lending an authentic, one-of-a-kind feel to the collection.

These colourful baskets

SustainableAccessories2Photo: Ikea

Ikea’s Nipprig collection features distinctive pieces made using durable, renewable materials like bamboo, rattan and seagrass. The idea behind the project is to create a series of natural products that showcase traditional craftsmanship with a stylish edge. Keep your space clean and organized with these simple, handwoven baskets.

This bamboo flooring

SustainableAccessories3Photo: seier+seier/Flickr

Bamboo isn’t just the panda’s main food source. It also makes for an extremely durable and sustainable flooring material. If you’re planning on overhauling your floors, it could be worth looking into the versatile plant as an option.

This recycled rug

SustainableAccessories4Photo: Viva Terra

Would you believe this rug was made from the same material as the first item on this list? That’s right, this eclectic, intricately patterned rug was also recycled from old soda bottles. Place it in your living room or outside on the patio as an awesome conversation piece.

This rattan chair

SustainableAccessories5Photo: Viva Terra

Rattan is lightweight, durable and sustainable, making it the ideal material for a natural backyard haven. This wide-backed chair looks like it was made for sitting back and relaxing with a cool drink on a warm summer’s day.

These natural bowls

SustainableAccessories6Photo: Viva Terra

These earthy, natural-looking bowls were hand carved by artisans from the discarded root balls of Chinese fir trees. The wavy cracks and lines in the wood give each bowl its own special touch.

This recycled chalk board

SustainableAccessories7Photo: Ethical Superstore

Remind yourself of important to-do list items or leave a message for your roomies with this eco-friendly chalkboard. Not only will you conserve paper by making notes on it, but each board is also made of recycled paper packaging, which means you’ll be saving double the trees!

These organic cotton towels

SustainableAccessories8Photo: Ethical Superstore

Spruce up your bathroom with these uber-soft plush towels. They’re made with 580GSM organic cotton certified to the Global Organic Textiles Standard, which means you’ll basically be improving the environment by pampering yourself.

These recycled candle holders

SustainableAccessories9Photo: Pottery Barn

These recycled hurricane candle holders will add a little extra glow to your backyard barbecues this summer. Fill it with a soy or beeswax candle to up the ante on your eco-friendly game.

This wool throw

SustainableAccessories10Photo: Pendleton

Your guests will love cozying up with this plaid, ombre throw. It’s made with Pendleton eco-wise wool, a certified environmentally-friendly and renewable material.

This natural light fixture

SustainableAccessories11Photo: David Trubridge

New Zealand-based designer David Trubridge draws inspiration for his unique light fixtures from natural elements found during his travels on land and at sea. Not only are his pieces modern and artfully designed, but they’re also made with renewable materials like bamboo and timber from sustainably managed plantations.

This recycled bath mat

SustainableAccessories12Photo: West Elm

Protect your bathroom floors with these 100 percent cotton bath mats. They’re made of recycled cotton jersey so they feel as soft as your favorite t-shirt.

This bamboo room divider

SustainableAccessories13Photo: Ikea

Also part of Ikea’s Nipprig line, this room divider shows just how elegant bamboo can look. Use it to add an extra layer of warmth and texture (and privacy!) to your space.

This adorable, dog-shaped light

SustainableAccessories14Photo: All Modern

Let’s be real — a lot of adults are still afraid of the dark! Luckily, this awesome night light combines a whimsical, colourful design with eco-friendly elements. It’s made with non-toxic plastic and a low-voltage replaceable bulb, making it the perfect little nighttime buddy.

And this maple-wood nightstand

SustainableAccessories15Photo: Green Home

This sturdy wooden nightstand will provide you with a good, strong surface to hold all of your new environmentally-friendly home accessories! Handcrafted from US-grown maple wood, the piece is free of toxic glues, making it the ideal addition to any healthy eco-home.

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