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City dwellers across North America will be slip slidin’ away this summer. Slide the City, a Utah-based event company, is bringing a 1,000 foot (300 meter) waterslide on a roadtrip through more than 150 cities.

The giant slip n’ slide measures more than three football fields in length and is laid out on a gradually sloping street with padding underneath to reduce the risk of injuries. The family-friendly events feature live music, food trucks and other activities. Children who are five years and older and over 46 inches tall are welcome. Plus, you’re free to bring a GoPro or selfie stick to capture your wet and wild ride.

Slide the City has put on five events so far, and is working to secure a number of permits with city councils. The events are for-profit, but the company donates a portion of its proceeds to a charity in each city it visits. Water used on the slide is treated and then recycled throughout the day, and when permitted, Slide the City will donate the water back to the community to be used for parks, golf courses and other green spaces.

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In March, North Vancouver approved the event, which will take place in conjunction with the Car Free Day street festival on August 22nd. In the US, the oversized slip n’ slide is destined for cities such as New York, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Columbus, Boston, Detroit, Baltimore and Las Vegas. To see the full list of cities and dates, click here.

Canadian cities that will play host to the event include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver Island, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Quebec City, Winnipeg and Saskatoon.

Tickets will range from $15 for a single ride to $60 for an unlimited pass. You can register online for Slide the City to be among the first to know when an event is scheduled in your area.

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