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Need shelter for that small parcel of land you bought as a summer retreat? You want Seelenkiste (translates to Soul Box in English), a two-level loft-style micro-cabin from German design firm Allergutendinge.

As a simple wood-frame structure, it’s easy to set up, take down and transport — so if you have a big enough truck or trailer, it can basically serve as a mobile home.

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With plenty of dual-purpose and transforming features, Sellenkiste is the epitome of space-saving design. The small kitchen/dining area boasts built-in shelving and drawers, a fold-out table for two, and a wall that pulls down to create an open-air living room and patio.

mobile loft cabin-1 mobile loft cabin featured

The sleeping loft is set against a large sliding window that lets the outdoors in.

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And the top level, accessible by a ladder, is a small work space and observatory with a skylight hatch that exposes the space to the great outdoors.

mobile loft cabin

Want one of your own? Contact Allergutendinge and see if they can’t ship you the parts from Germany for self-assembly.

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