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An alcohol faucet in the kitchen.

alcohol faucet Photos: sidebarbeverage

Beer taps in the backyard.

backyard beer tap Photo: Rain City Brew/Twitter

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A dance floor in the basement.

dance floor home Photo: Bowa

Yes, of course with a Dance Dance Revolution pad.

A sports-themed home theater for playoff parties.

sports home theater-1 sports home theater Photos: imgur

A door that doubles as a ping pong table.

ping-pong-door Photos: Tobias Fränzel Design/Facebook

A chalkboard wall bar so your guest know what’s on the menu.

chalkboard wall Photo: Pinterest

A barbecue with a built-in drink cooler so the chef stays hydrated.

barbecue drink cooler Photo: Pinterest

And a picnic table with a built-in drink cooler so everyone else does.

picnic table cooler Photo: remodelaholic

A disco ball backsplash for kitchen dance parties.

disco ball backsplash Photo: Pinterest

A 1980s-style arcade rec room.

home arcade Photo: imgur

See more photos of this father-son DIY project here.

A $6-million sound system.

sound system Photo: Kipnis Studio Standard

And light bulbs that double as speakers.

speaker light bulb Photo: thegreenhead

A giant water slide from the house to the pool.

home water slide Photo: Pinterest

And a secret slide connecting the top floor of the house with the bottom.

secret closet slide Photos: Kuhl

‘Cause weeeeeeee!!!

An interactive, glow-in-the-dark beer pong table.

Interactive glow-in-the-dark beer pong table Photo: instructables

And a Scrabble wall.

scrabble wall Photo: hammacher

That guy looks like he’s having fun, right?

A sleepover room made mostly of pillows for party guests that need to crash.

sleepover room Photo: Pinterest

And swinging guest beds for your swinging guests.

swinging beds Photos: Pinterest

A basement bar with beer keg stools.

keg bar stools Photo: Pinterest

And a walk-in beer closet.

walk-in beer fridge Photo: KegWorks

Only $7,299!

An 18-person hot tub with a flat-screen TV.

giant hot tub party Photo: spambient

A backyard beach-theme fire pit.

backyard sand fire pit Photo: Pinterest

Mood lighting everywhere.

home party lights Photos: Pinterest

An elaborate homebrewing operation.

homebrewing Photo: imgur

And a trapdoor wine cellar.

hideen-wine-cellar Photos: signaturecellars

An indoor pool/home theater.

indoor pool and home theater Photo: imgur

Because movie and pool parties shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

A bar rail for your deck.

deck bar rail Photo: deckfranchising

A fully-equipped music room for jamming.

home music room Photo: Pinterest

Hammock floors for when it’s time to wind down.

hammock floor Photo: Twitter

A hidden room to escape to when you’re guests inevitably wear out their welcome.

hidden room Photos: Creative Home Engineering

And finally, vacuum baseboards for easy cleaning when the party stops.

vacuum baseboard Photo: imgur

Buy them here.

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