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An all-encompassing skylight for stargazing.

massive skylight Photo: Golden Crown

A hammock that hangs off the end of the dock.

dock hammock Photos: imgur

A glass-bottom bathtub suspended over the water.

glass-bottom bathtub Photo: imgur

An impossibly cozy reading nook and library.

ocean-view-reading-nook Photo: imgur

A very long slide.

dock slide summer cabin Photo: creamofheaven

A floating sauna.

floating sauna Photos: Saunalautta/Facebook

An indoor-outdoor hot tub for all types of weather.

indoor outdoor hot tub Photo: Pinterest

A loft bedroom with a view.

loft bedroom cottage Photo: imgur

Part of the Wollemi Cabins resort in Blue Mountains, Australia. Book a stay here.

An inflatable game of Twister to play on the water.

inflatable twister Photo: hammacher

A hammock canoe.

hammock canoe Photo: imgur

And a hot tub boat.

hot tub boat Photo: imgur

Yours for $42,000.

A two-story dock house.

two-story dock house two-story dock house-1 Photos: Andersson-Wise

A round window just because.

round window Photo: Anthill Construction

A living room that quite literally invites the outdoors in.

tree living room Photos: Travis Price Architects

And retractable window walls that do the same.

retractable window wall retractable walls summer home Photos: Olson Kundig ArchitectsCrosson Clarke Carnachan Architects

An outdoor shower.

outdoor showers cottage Photos: Andersson WiseCharles Rose Architects

Hanging beds.

hammock bed Photo: Pinterest

Dock furniture that allows you to comfortably read and tan at the same time.

reading dock furniture cabin Photo: Pinterest

An outdoor kitchen.

outdoor kitchen summer home Photo: Pinterest

And a landscaped dining area.

outdoor dining room cottage Photo: Pinterest

A floating ping pong table.

Floating ping pong table summer home Photo: brookstone

A whimsical tree house retreat.

Tree house summer home tree house cottage Photos: Airbnb

For design ideas, you can book a stay in this one with Airbnb.

Some sort of themed fire pit.

lake house fire pits Photos: imgur, imgur, imgur

Surrounded by swing seating.

fire pit with swing seating Photo: Pinterest

A floating island rope swing.

floating rope swing Photo: livewellsports

Buy it for $2,500.

An inflatable outdoor movie screen.

outdoor movie screen Photo: Pinterest

And an all-glass living room overlooking the lake.

glass lake house glass lake house-1 Photos: adventure-journal

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