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Downtown Toronto may be be full of condo towers – and construction cranes building even more high-rises – but the neighbourhoods that see the most condo sales activity are spread across town. We looked at MLS data to see which neighbourhoods counted 100 or more sales of existing condos apartments in the first quarter of 2015.

The Western Waterfront topped the list with 454 sales, while Willowdale East, Niagara, Mimico, Islington-City Centre West and the Bay Street Corridor were the other top-sellers.

The increasingly vertical neighbourhood of Willowdale East proves that subway access is key to many condo buyers. The North York area counted 264 condo sales, the second highest amount on our list.

How do the six busiest neighbourhoods for condo activity compare to the city as a whole? The average sale price for a condo in the 416 area was $385,428 in the first quarter, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board. The Bay Street Corridor was the priciest part of town on our list, with an average sale price of $507,518, roughly 32 per cent above the Toronto average. Interestingly, the sale price in the Bay Street Corridor actually edged down slightly from the previous year’s average of $509,612.

Want to see how the other neighbourhoods compare? Check out the map and table below:

Neighbourhood District 2015 Sales 2014 Sales Avg 2015 price Avg 2014 price
Bay Street Corridor C01 104 126 $507,518 $509,612
Mimico W06 141 118 $394,142 $381,841
Islington-City Centre W08 143 114 $350,423 $345,119
Niagara C01 207 210 $392,797 $414,688
Waterfront C01 454 334 $441,249 $440,099
Willowdale East C14 264 226 $406,348 $404,819

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