LEGO Google Street View Images: Brick Street View

The same Swedish designer who created the whimsical Urban Jungle Street View mod has come out with a LEGO version of the panoramic map platform. Einar Öberg‘s Brick Street View lets users explore a city in two ways: with a bird’s-eye view map featuring LEGO versions of famous landmarks such as the Empire State Building and White House.

LEGO Google Street View-1

Or you can drag and drop the friendly, grinning guide onto a street to navigate through an environment populated with iconic LEGO models such as cars, flowers and trees.

LEGO Google Street View-2

The LEGO Google Street View hack isn’t as fleshed-out as real thing, obviously, but there’s more than enough there to waste away the rest of your day playing with it. For more online LEGO fun, try Google’s Build With Chrome app, which lets users build with digital versions of the plastic bricks on the Chrome browser.

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