For the love of all that is holy, USE A TAPE MEASURE!

This uneven entryway.

home fail Photo: imgur

Everything about these doors.

building fail Photo: imgur

These ones too.

door fail Photo: imgur

This G.

sign fail Photo: imgur

“You don’t have anymore G’s in Arial font? Screw it. Give me one ’em Calibri G’s.”

These upside down cabinets.

home reno fail Photo: imgur

The person responsible for laying down this manhole.

construction fail Photo: imgur

And whoever was in charge of these utility covers.

construction fail-1 Photo: imgur

These windows.

house fail Photo: imgur

And here.

window fail Photo: imgur

This out of place outlet.

home fail-1 Photo: imgur

The backwards individual who assembled this table.

table fail Photo: imgur

This sloppy border between the kitchen and living room.

home fail-2 Photo: imgur

Here too.

house fail-1 Photo: imgur

This slightly off-kilter toilet.

bathroom fail Photo: imgur

And this one that’s too close to the wall to get the damn tank lid on.

toilet fail Photo: imgur

This offensive stone work.

pavement fail Photo: imgur

The landscape architect who doesn’t understand symmetry.

landscaping fail Photo: imgur

And this one who can’t work with the mason.

landscape-fail Photo: Twitter

This false step.

building fail-1 Photo: imgur

These wayward floor tiles.

floor fail Photo: imgur

And this one.

floor fail-1 Photo: imgur

This DIY dual switch plate.

home reno fail-1 Photo: imgur

This maddening drain and incomplete tile pattern.

floor tile fail Photo: imgur

This confused door.

door-fail-768x1024 Photo: imgur

These meandering lights.

building fail-2 Photo: imgur

This doorstop that screwed up its one job.

door fail-1 Photo: imgur

This very necessary handrail.

building fail-3 Photo: imgur

These drawers.

renovation fail Photo: imgur

And finally, all the faucets in the world that are too close to the back of the sink.

home fail-3 Photo: imgur

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