Honeycomb Photo: TREEAID/Flickr

When Mary Jean Dyczko heard a mysterious buzzing under her floorboards of her Flushing, Queens apartment, she wisely reached out to an expert.

The source of the buzzing? More than 40,000 bees living under the floorboards.

Retired NYPD Detective Anthony Planakis was the responder tasked with discovering the origin of the buzzing and eventually removing the honeycomb and the bees with it. Known as Tony Bees, Planakis responds to serious emergencies in the city involving bees.

After locating the massive honeycomb lodged between siding and plywood using infrared technology, Planakis was able to safely remove the bees after about two hours of labor.

Most of the colony, including the queen, was saved. It will be relocated to upstate New York by another beekeeper.

“Thank goodness I didn’t know there was about 40,000,” Dyczko told Gothamist. “I had no idea there were that many. When he opened up the boards and I saw the size of that hive it was amazing. I’m glad I know it now as opposed to then because I probably wouldn’t be living there! It was pretty frightening.”

An incident like this is very rare, but it couldn’t hurt to be extra diligent if you hear buzzing from your floorboards! Just leave the actual removal to Tony Bees if you happen to find some honeycomb.

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