Goatscaping-compressed Photo: Eric Kilby/Flickr

Looking for an eco-friendly way to tame your overgrown lawn this spring? Not only does it trim grass, this lawnmower runs on it (adorably). Amazon Home Services is now offering “goatscaping,” wherein customers rent a herd of goats to chow down on grass, weeds, invasive plants and even poison ivy.

The service launched in March and is currently available in select US cities. Customers are asked to fill out a brief questionnaire detailing the acreage and the primary type of vegetation. Amazon will then recommend the number of goats needed for the job and how long they are likely to graze for.

In addition to their insatiable appetite, goats are able to traverse steep terrain that is unsuitable for humans or mechanical equipment. Their grazing also eliminates the need to spray harmful herbicides and pesticides. Goats are able to digest thistle, blackberry bushes, poison sumac, poison oak, native grasses and more.

Tech companies and provincial governments have gotten in on goatscaping — Google routinely hires 200 goats to maintain the grounds of their global headquarters in Mountain View, California. Yahoo!, too, uses the service at their Sunnyvale location. According to the CBC, the BC Ministry of Transportation used a herd of goats to help remove an invasive species from gravel pits in the BC Interior.

While the service is still in beta testing, it may not be long before customers worldwide are able to hire a landscaper who’s also an effective fertilizer.

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