NYC Craigslist scams Photo: Kelly Schott/Flickr

Most of us know the basics of NYC apartment hunting: Don’t ever wire transfer money to a potential landlord, never pay to see a property and don’t deal with someone who is mysteriously “out of the country” or calls from a blocked number. If it sounds too be good to be true, it probably is.

Some of these Craigslist postings are so obvious, though, they are almost pitiful. Please don’t fall for anything that…

1. …Offers rent for <$1.

craigslist 1 Photo: Craigslist

You can live in a doorman building for a dollar?

2. …Costs less than $700/month.

craigslist 2 Photo: Craigslist

Honey, nowhere decent is going to charge you by the week.

3. …Requires you to be a live-in servant.

craigslist 3 Photo: Craigslist

Is this legal in the United States?

4. …Has no photos and is “all over.”

craigslist 4 Photo: Craigslist

The poster of this ad will probably try to pick you up in an unmarked vehicle.

5. …Tells you to come straight from the airport.

craigslist 5 Photo: Craigslist

Pretty sure this is a plot point of “Not Without My Daughter.” Hold on to your passport.

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