More decadent and luxurious than your actual house!

This cushy cowboy campsite.

luxury tent-3 Photo: Pinterest

And this one with “indoor” plumbing.

luxury camping tent Photo: moabundercanvas

This fully furnished tent with a lake view.

luxury tent-2 Photos: Paws Up

This opulent 1,000-square-foot tent.

luxury tent zarafa-camp-11 Photos: Zarafa Camp

Part of the luxury Zarafa Camp in northern Botswana.

Here too.

luxury camping Photo: Pinterest

This tent with carpeted floors.

luxury campsite-1 Photo: duindeluxetravel

Or this one with hardwood.

luxury campsite Photo: Pinterest

This tent with a wood-burning stove.

glamping-2 Photo: Pinterest

This cozy camping bubble that would be perfect for stargazing.

bubble tent-1 Photo: bubbletree

And this one that has its own living room.

bubble tent Photo: bubbletree

This whimsical hanging orb.

hanging tent Photo: Hanging Tent Company/Facebook

This two-level loft tent.

glamping tent-6 Photo: gardenvillagebled

This tent that’s anything but off-the-grid.

luxury tent-5 Photos: TravelPlusStyle

Book a stay at South Africa’s Ngala Tented Camp here.

And this, Four Seasons’ luxury tent camp in Thailand.

luxury camping tent-2 Photos: Four Seasons

This simple sleeping shelter.

luxury tent-7 Photo: Pinterest

Here too.

glamping-1 Photo: lushtoblush

This tent that’s built for two.

luxury camping glamping Photo: Airbnb

An oceanfront Airbnb listing on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai that rents for approximately $155 a night.

Or this multi-room palace.

luxury tent-4 Photo: Pinterest

This lavish hut with a full ensuite bathroom.

glamping Photo: Pinterest

This canopied igloo in the Swiss Alps.

cozy tent Photo: imgur

Part of Whitepod, a luxury camping retreat situated high in the Valais region of Switzerland. A one-night stay starts from $323.

And this glass tent with a breathtaking ocean view.

glass tent-2 Photo: dagmaramach

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