Smell the sea air!

This light-filled bedroom perched on a bluff.

bedroom with ocean view Photo: imgur

Razor Bluff by Wallace E. Cunningham in La Jolla, California is a 10,000-square-foot home with four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a two-level guest house and an infinity pool.

This TV room with a floating fireplace.

ocean view living room Photo: imgur

This cliff-side lounge on a remote island in British Columbia.

cliff house ocean view Photo: imgur

In Patkau Architects’ Trula House on Quadra Island.

This sitting room with more sliding doors than you can handle.

ocean view sitting room Photo: imgur

This cozy den with a retractable window wall.

cozy den ocean view Photo: Rolf Ockert Design

In Sydney, Australia’s Bronte House by Rolf Ockert Design.

This open-concept living area in a wooden home.

ocean view open-concept Photos: Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects

Located on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula, the home combines the popular shipping container conversion trend with the local building tradition of crafting wood.

This minimalist bedroom.

minimalist bedroom ocean vie Photo: Longhi Architects

Located on the Peruvian coast, Veronica Beach House was designed by Longhi Architects.

And this minimalist bathroom.

ocean view bathroom Photo: Gavin Maddock Design

Part of the Pearl Bay Residence by Gavin Maddock Design in Cape Town, South Africa.

And this one.

ocean view bathroom-1 Photo: imgur

Here too.

miami penthouse bathroom ocean view Photo: imgur

Found in Miami’s 5,600-square-foot, two-story Jade Ocean penthouse.

This circular seating room on Australia’s Kangaroo Island.

australia cliff house Photo: Southern Ocean Lodge

The secluded Southern Ocean Lodge overlooks a rugged stretch of coast.

This luxurious lounge.

lounge ocean view Photo: imgur

Part of a penthouse overlooking Port Jackson in Sydney, Australia. You can buy it for $10.75 million.

This breezy bedroom with only three walls.

bedroom with an ocean view Photo: imgur

This glass dining room.

dining ocean view Photo: imgur

And this one too.

dining room ocean views Photos: Fougeron Architecture

Perched on a cliff in Big Sur, California, Fougeron Architecture’s Fall House is all views.

This exposed loft.

open living room ocean view Photo: imgur

It’s all about the view in St. Lucia’s Ladera Resort penthouse hotel room.

This open-air kitchen in Dana Point, California.

open kitchen ocean views Photo: Horst Architects

Or this kitchen with massive windows in West Vancouver.

west vancouver ocean views Photo:

This waterfront home recently has seven fireplaces. Seven!

This indoor-outdoor pool.

pool ocean view Photo: imgur

This breathtaking patio.

patio ocean view Photo: imgur

This shoreline living room in Nova Scotia.

nova scotia ocean view room Photo: MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects

Part of Nova Scotia’s Sunset Rock House by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects.

This posh parlor.

cape town ocean view Photo: SAOTA

Nettleton 198 by SOATO is a six-bedroom, seven-level house in Cape Town, South Africa.

This rustic attic.

ocean view attic Photo: imgur

Overlooking Massachusetts’ Gloucester harbor, the attic is part of the Sleeper-McCann House.

This brilliant reading nook.

ocean view reading nook Photo: imgur

And this bedroom that’s all window.

ocean view bedroom Photo: Horst Architects

Perched on top of a ridge in Laguna Beach, California, the Rockledge residence was commissioned by its owner as a “relaxed family beach house.”

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