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No, those aren’t new Instagram filters you’re seeing. Last week, an orange haze crept into the United Arab Emirates as high winds blew through parts of the Middle East whipping up desert sands in its path.

The large sandstorm severely reduced visibility, causing major travel delays on the roads and in the air and led to breathing difficulties for many area residents.

The storm lasted for most of the weekend and created an eerie, other-worldly atmosphere in many Gulf cities.

Here’s a look at some of the photos we found of the sandstorm on Instagram.

Persian Gulf

A photo posted by @sarahpsarahp2 on

Photo: sarahpsarahp2/Instagram

Dubai Airport

A photo posted by Jagdish Mohan (@jagdishmohan) on

Photo: jagdishmohan/Instagram

Dubai Metro

A photo posted by Arpan (@artman413) on

Photo: artman413/Instagram

Dubai Sheraton

A photo posted by Simon Langley (@simonlangley) on

Photo: simonlangley/Instagram


A photo posted by Feroze Ahmed (@feroze8888) on

Photo: feroze8888/Instagram


A photo posted by arabianEye (@arabianeyewire) on

Photo: arabianeyewire/Instagram

Kuwait City

A photo posted by Petr Václavek (@petrsc) on

Photo: petrsc/Instagram


Photo: asithafernando/Instagram

An airport in Saudi Arabia

A photo posted by Tariq (@tariqeagle) on

Photo: tariqeagle/Instagram


A photo posted by @advrider973 on

Photo: advrider973/Instagram

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