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Rising majestically into the sky, construction cranes are a common sight in many urban areas. Day and night, these cranes rotate like dials as they hoist construction materials to the top of construction sites, slowly building the skyscrapers that dot the city landscape.

Perched high above the ground, the operators of these machines often get unique, unobstructed views from their sky high offices that most people will never get to see.

Here’s a look at some of the photos we found from crane operators on Instagram.


A photo posted by Rob Mac (@skyjacked793) on

Photo: skyjacked793/Instagram


A photo posted by @thenextlift on

Photo: thenextlift/Instagram


Photo: craneoperatorken/Instagram


A photo posted by Johnny Meant (@johnnymeant) on

Photo: johnnymeant/Instagram


A photo posted by Erik (@bouwkraan) on

Photo: bouwkraan/Instagram


A photo posted by Moe Lepage (@moelepage) on

Photo: moelepage/Instagram

Miami Beach

Photo: blueprint.22/Instagram


A photo posted by @mtl_crane on

Photo: mtl_crane/Instagram

Park City, Utah

Photo: itsbennington/Instagram

Port de Nice, France

A photo posted by Base (@grutier76_) on

Photo: grutier76_/Instagram

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