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When you’re a nerd like we are, you’ll block out your Friday night to study the United States Board on Geographic Names. The USBGA has a searchable database filled with all sorts of domestic and Antarctic names.

Visitors can browse states, territories, and associated areas of the United States with detailed dropdown options, including Populated Places (cities, towns, villages, etc.), Historical Features, Concise Features and more. 

Here are the 25 most bizarre city names we discovered. We think New Jersey may be a little overrepresented.

25. Buttzville, NJ

24. Boring, OR

23. Loveladies, NJ

22. Slaughterville, OK

21. Crank Corner, LA

20. Santa Claus, GA

19. Bargaintown, NJ

18. Buckshutem, NJ

17. Intercourse, PA

16. Lower Squankum, NJ

15. Unalaska, AK

14. Why, AZ

13. Whynot, MS

12. Lick Skillet, TS

11. Blueball, OH

10. Accident, MD

9. Disco, TS

8. The Bottle, Alabama

7. Condemned Bar, CA

6. Looneyville, TX

The Top 5 deserve photographs to prove they really exist…

5. Pietown, NM

Pie Town NM

Photo: GMAP

4. Monkey’s Eyebrow, AZ

monkeys_eyebrow_az_baseball_cap 2 Photo: CafePress.com

3. Hicksville, NY


Photo: calamity_sal/Flickr

2. Cheesequake, NJ


Photo: Nelson Pavlosky/Flickr

1. Hell, MI


Photo: Tim Rodenberg/Flickr

What is the craziest city name you’ve heard of? Tweet us!

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