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Now, you can avoid most household responsibilities for the rest of your life.

At least, that’s the premise/promise of Amazon’s latest on-demand service for household tasks, which the online retail giant rolled out earlier this week.

Amazon Home Services is a new online marketplace where customers can browse, purchase and schedule hundreds of professional services, from mundane chores such as plumbing, painting, cleaning, furniture assembly and TV installation to more esoteric affairs (goat grazing, anyone?).

Pricing is up-front; Amazon selects and vets the professionals listed on the platform, and all services purchased are guaranteed. In return, Amazon takes an unspecified portion of the transaction. A beta version of the Amazon Home Services’ site showed the firm collecting a 20 percent cut for standard services, 15 percent for custom jobs and 10 percent for repeating services, The Verge reported.

The new offering is available in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and other major US markets.

That’s not the only innovation that the Seattle-based monolith launched this week, though; the company also premiered the Dash Button, a plastic Wi-Fi-enabled device that allows customers to reorder products at the honest-to-goodness touch of a button, without reaching for a phone, tablet or laptop. We’d like to call it… Amazon Boop (it is not named Amazon Boop).

Amazon Dash button

Here’s how it works: each thumb-sized Dash Button is linked to a specific product from a specific company and comes with an adhesive strip on the back to stick to any surface. Every time you need a refill of a product, you push the corresponding button. A multi-colored LED on the front will blink, then turn green to confirm the order, and you will also get an alert on your phone. The credit card on your Amazon account is charged, and the item refill arrives two days later, The Verge reported.

To prevent people from accidentally buying 5,000 rolls of toilet paper, only one order per button can be made in a two-day shipping period. Once you place an order via button, you can’t purchase any more of that item until that product has been delivered to your home.

Amazon is starting the program with 18 partners, including Gillette, Olay, Huggies and Bounty. The new Internet-of-Things ordering method is solely available to Amazon Prime members, who can request an invitation here.

By the way, Dash Button is different from Amazon’s other Dash, which is food-ordering hardware that scans product barcodes and lets people dictate grocery orders to Amazon Fresh. So, you know, that Amazon Boop name is totally valid and helpful in distinguishing the two.

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