Tornado skyscraper-1 Photos: KKT Architects

Tulsa, Oklahoma-based architecture firm Kinslow, Keith & Todd, Inc. whipped up a dramatic design for a tornado-shaped skyscraper in their city.

At this stage, the Tulsa Tornado Tower is simply a concept. It wasn’t actually created for a client. But according to the local Fox station, some folks have already expressed interest in putting money behind the project:

The proposed design has circulated around social media and [architect Andrew] Kinslow said the firm’s phone has been ringing off the hook with potential investors wanting to learn more.

If it does actually get built, the high-rise would stand 20 to 30 stories tall and feature a revolving restaurant, rooftop terrace, observation deck and, most appropriately, a weather museum and research center.

Tornado skyscraper-2
Tornado skyscraper-3

For more, we send it over to Fox23.

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