These psychedelic schemes will take your home on a magic carpet ride.

A mesmerizing rock wall feature.

rock wall surreal design Photo: imgur

And this wall that reacts to your movements.

interactive wall Images: designboom/vimeo

Created by graphic designer Thibaut Sld. More info here.

These floating stairs.

floating stairs Photo: interbau

And these glass floors that gaze upon the kitchen.

glass floors surreal design-1 Photos: Tradition

Or this one that peers into an underground river.

river home surreal designs Photo: imgur

Fresh green walls.

green wall surreal home design green wall surreal home design-1 Photos: Amazon

And this green table that turns every meal into a picnic.

grass table Photo: Haiko Cornelissen Architecten

Or this table that mimics the ocean depths.

abyss table surreal home designs-2 abyss table surreal home designs-1 Photos: Duffy London

Yours for only $23,300.

This trippy wallpaper.

surreal wallpaper Photo: surrealien

This door that magically flips open.

magic door surreal design Photos: Klemens Torggler

This living room that was built around a forest.

in-home tree surreal design Photo: Travis Price Architects

This upright bath orb.

wall-mounted bathtub surreal design Photo: Pinterest

And these heat-sensitive shower tiles.

heat-sensitive shower tiles surreal design Photo: imgur

Or these tiles that look like dragon scales.

bathroom scale shower tiles surreal design Photo: imgur

More spectacular shower designs this way.

This interactive storm cloud lamp.

storm cloud lamp Images: Richard Clarkson/Vimeo

From designer Richard Clarkson. Read all about it here.

And this 3D flooring in the bathroom.

3d bathroom floor Photo: Pinterest

This starry night ceiling for your home theater room.

star ceiling surreal home design Photo: imgur

This curved ‘skin’ sink.

curved sink surreal home design curved sink surreal home design-1 Photos: Lago

This glow-in-the-dark wall mural.

glow in the dark wall mural glow in the dark wall mural-1 Photos: Bogi Fabian

This landscaped outdoor dining room.

landscaped outdoor living room surreal design Photo: Pinterest

For Alice in Wonderland-themed tea parties.

And finally, this secret playroom obscured by a wall mural

tree house mural surreal design Photo: fazook

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