the tree houseLooking to branch out in Toronto? The Tree House Townhomes in the Birchcliff neighbourhood of the city’s east end is slated to become one of the most innovative and sought-after developments in recent memory. BuzzBuzzHome News spoke to Sasa Radulovic, the co-founder of 5468796 Architecture, whose design team envisioned the two and three bedroom modular lofts and towns. Here, he gives us an insider’s perspective on the distinctive architectural features of the Symmetry Developments and Engine Developments community.

The Tree House will include a total of 39 units, divided into four blocks and positioned around two expansive courtyards. “The units increase in size as they go up, kind of like an inverted pyramid. This allows us to maximize the space in between buildings — everyone will be able to breathe a bit better and there will be more green space. There’s also a bit of overhang above the entrances, so the upper units have larger square footage,” said Radulovic.

inverted pyramidThe distance between buildings measures up to 50 feet and all parking will be underground. The courtyards will be designed by a local landscape architect and are meant to be an extension of each tenant’s private space. “This encourages people to get to know one another and develop a sense of belonging to the entire project, rather than just his or her own unit,” said Radulovic.

When asked whether architecture influences people’s emotions, Radulovic responded with a resounding yes. “The older and more experienced I get the more I believe it does. That’s the kind of thing we’re trying to do with the Tree House. All of the windows and entrances are facing the courtyard. People will get to know each other while moving through the project, and their kids will come outside to play. That’s really what the intention is — instead of repelling the units from one another, we’re sort of protecting them from the city.”

5468796 Architecture was founded in Winnipeg in 2007 by Sasa Radulovic and Johanna Hurme. The name was derived from the firm’s registered business name. The team has since grown to 12 young professionals, who work collectively on a diverse array of residential, commercial, nonprofit and installation projects.

“All of our designs are different,” said Radulovic. “They always respond to a particular set of issues we are facing on a project — market conditions, socioeconomic conditions, psychological conditions and so on. Each project incorporates a story that is developed from that.”


With The Tree House, Radulovic says the team was challenged with “reinventing the typology” while maintaining the neighbourhood’s urban structure. It will be their first ever project in Toronto. Back in February we learned that 5468796 Architecture and Tree House developers Symmetry Developments and Engine Developments Inc. found each other through Twitter — an unorthodox connection that has since blossomed into a dynamic working relationship.

“We have such an amazing client who respects us and admires what we do — our design views of the world really align and that’s made all the difference. We started off from a point where they knew who we were and what we could bring to the project,” said Radulovic.

Floorplans for the two and three bedroom lofts and townhomes are expected to be released later this month, with prices starting in the $400,000s. Register online to receive exclusive updates on The Tree House and for an invitation to the upcoming preview opening.

For more information call 647 560 4454.

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