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More than 20,000 housing units in the city got the green light for construction in 2014, according to a New York Building Congress report released today.

The Department of Buildings approved the construction of 20,329 residential units across 1,513 buildings last year, a 11 percent increase from 18,378 units across 1,383 buildings in 2013. This is the fifth consecutive year of annual gains, according to the report, which analyzed US Census Bureau data. The permits issued in 2014 are up 82 percent from 11,034 units in 2012 and up 241 percent from 5,953 units in post-crisis 2009.

However, last year’s number of authorized new homes is still significantly lower than robust 2005-2008 levels, when the DOB issued permits for more than 30,000 units per year. In 2008, a hefty 33,170 units were approved across 2,299 buildings.

Of the 20,329 units that won approval in 2014, about 91 percent are located in buildings with five or more apartments. Six percent were in one- and two-family houses, while the remaining three percent were in three- and four-family homes.

Brooklyn was the undisputed king of the boroughs for the third straight year, with permits issued for 7,551 units — 37 percent of all rubber-stamped residential units in 2014, and the largest annual total of any borough since 2008.

In second place, Manhattan had 5,281 new authorized units in 78 developments. No. 3 was Queens (4,900 units in 448 buildings), followed by the Bronx (1,885 units in 108 buildings) and Staten Island (712 units in 479 buildings).

Unsurprisingly, Manhattan new construction is the most dense, with approximately 68 units per structure. Compare this to Brooklyn, where new or newly renovated buildings OKed last year have an average of 19 units. The ratio in the Bronx and Queens is 17 per building and 11 per building, respectively, while sprawling Staten Island has just 1.5 residences per structure.

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