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After a very snowy and icy winter, the start of spring last week was a welcome change. Not only does the season bring warmer weather, but it also brings nature back to life and provides some spectacular landscapes to photograph.

While the warmer weather hasn’t exactly moved in on the northeast just yet, we can’t help but start to think thoughts of spring. From vivid florals to breathtaking landscapes, here’s a look at some of our favorite spring-like photos posted on Instagram.


A photo posted by Leigh McClurg (@pebbleshoo) on

Photo: pebbleshoo/Instagram


A photo posted by @shimmeringenergy on

Photo: shimmeringenergy/Instagram

Canary Islands

Photo: citomegalovirus/Instagram

Lake Tekapo

Photo: patrickmarsonong/Instagram

San Luis Obispo

A photo posted by Hildegunn Taipale (@hilvees) on

Photo: hilvees/Instagram


A photo posted by eli tymkiv (@westcoasteli) on

Photo: westcoasteli/Instagram

Damavand District

A photo posted by Omid Mayel Afshar (@amafshar) on

Photo: amafshar/Instagram


Photo: imaginekhalid/Instagram


A photo posted by Gabrielle Ashley (@gaborillaa) on

Photo: gaborillaa/Instagram


A photo posted by Roy Dufek (@roydufek) on

Photo: roydufek/Instagram

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