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Unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere warm, it might not feel like spring is on its way just yet. But a clear sign of the change in season, daylight savings, is on the horizon, bringing with it longer, lighter days.

That’s right folks, it’s the time of the year when we ‘spring’ our clocks forward.

While some people see daylight savings time as a loss of an hour’s sleep, we see it as a time to enjoy longer, sunnier, and warmer evenings. It also provides a chance to catch some stunning sunsets outside of office hours, and after the winter we’ve had, we all can use a little more sunshine.

Here’s a list of our favourite sunsets posted on Instagram:


A photo posted by Mo (@alajeel) on

Photo: alajeel/Instagram

South Stack

Photo: epapadopolis/Instagram

New York City

A photo posted by don doherty (@papakila) on

Photo: papakila/Instagram

Port Noarlunga

Photo: everlook_photography/Instagram


A photo posted by Olivier Wong (@wonguy974) on

Photo: wonguy974/Instagram


A photo posted by roof topper (@roof_topper) on

Photo: roof_topper/Instagram

San Francisco

Photo: gettyphotography/Instagram


A photo posted by @fiz_zero on

Photo: fiz_zero/Instagram

Karang Beach

A photo posted by @yudikpradnyana on

Photo: yudikpradnyana/Instagram

Venice Beach

Photo: barparildar/Instagram

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